Does Water Kefir Need to be Refrigerated?

When starting anything new, we are bound to have questions. Does Water Kefir Need to be Refrigerated? That is the question we will explore today. We will also have practical solutions for storing your kefir as well. Join me in the kitchen, won’t you?

Jar of Water Kefir with kefir grains in a wooden scoop and a sprig of mint leaves on a wood table. Asking the question, does water kefir need to be refrigerated?

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Does Water Kefir Need To Be Refrigerated?

No refrigeration is necessary for water kefir, if you plan to consume it within 4 days after it is made. If you do not fully consume your water kefir in this time frame, it can be stored in refrigerator for up to 10 days. Unopened water kefir can keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

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Temperature for Storage

Water kefir cultures between 68 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with the optimal temperature being 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you place your finished water kefir into the refrigerator it will drastically slow down the fermentation process.

In fact, water kefir grains while not in use, can be kept in the refrigerator to encourage the grains to rest or go into dormancy.

View of pouring water kefir soda into a glass from an amber colored bottle. On a wooden shelf with the water kefir is ginger root, turmeric root and a sliced lemon.

How Do You Store Water Kefir Soda?

As mentioned above, storing your completed water kefir in the refrigerator slows the fermentation process.

Once your water kefir has reached your desired taste, it should be stored in sealed containers in the refrigerator.

As water kefir continues to ferment in a room temperature setting, the flavor will change because the sugar content continues to decrease.

Any airtight glass container will be perfect for storing your finished water kefir soda. I highly recommend using glass mason jars.

Mason Jars are easy to find in local stores, or you may already have some if you do any canning. I find that mason jars work great as storage containers.

During your water kefir’s second ferment, mason jars make it easy to release some of the pressure from fermentation. This has also been referred to as burping the water kefir.

More Water Kefir Information

Water Kefir is a delicious drink full of beneficial probiotics. It is also a healthy alternative to sodas and juice.

If you are just starting out in making kefir or learning about it, here are some other great places to start!

Is Water Kefir Better Than Kombucha? will provide you with the benefits, differences, and distinctions between these two fun and fizzy beverages.

The 15 Essential Fermentation Books for Beginners is a great article on finding the best resources for starting your journey in fermentation.

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  1. Thanks! I was looking for confirmation on whether to store it sealed or not sealed in the fridge and your post answered my question after searching a lot of posts!

    1. I am so very glad you found this helpful! What is your favorite flavor of water kefir?