15 Essential Fermentation Books for Beginners

Plan to try fermenting your own foods? Worried that it is way harder than it sounds? In the 15 Essential Fermentation Books for Beginners, you will see there are so many resources for newbies like us.

These are the best books possible for simplifying the process and walking you though fermenting step-by-step. So join me at the kitchen table, and I’ll tell you my favorites!

Fermenting vegetables and herbs in two glass jars sitting on a table. Learning from the 15 Essential Fermentation Books for Beginners.

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Fermentation is the process of utilizing beneficial bacteria and or yeast microorganisms to effectively breakdown sugars and or simple carbohydrates. The introduction of a starter culture, such as a SCOBY in the case of kombucha or the presence of a wild microorganism already present in the food, allows for the breakdown of the sugars or starches and the growth of beneficial bacteria.

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The Art of Fermentation

Written by Sandor Ellix Katz, this New York Times Bestseller is basically everything you need to know about fermentation.

Named a Best Gift for Gardeners by New York Magazine, this is the most comprehensive guide to all things fermented.

Practical information, such as safety and technique is found here. Right along side the science behind the art and process behind this method of food preservation.

The Art of Fermentation is amazing as a resource, especially as your knowledge and skills grow. Initially, it could be a tad overwhelming.

Just know that it is a great reference material in your home fermentation library.

Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Craft, and Nutrition of Live-Culture Foods

Written by the “Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation” as Michael Pollen calls him, author Sandor Katz has produced a work of art and an incredibly accessible resource for getting started in fermentation.

Wild Fermentation is filled with wit and wisdom. Katz takes the reader on a world wide journey of amazing microbiome nourishing delicacies.

Written for the beginner AND seasoned fermenter alike, you will find delicious recipes, how-to’s, and beautiful color photos throughout this book.

Fermentation for Beginners: Step by Step Guide to Fermentation and Probiotic Foods

This is the resource I started my fermentation journey with!

I highly recommend this book filled with helpful, step-by-step instructions and the how to and why behind fermentation of a variety of foods.

Fermentation for Beginners expertly outlines the materials and ingredients you will need. Presented in a no nonsense approach that will put you at ease when starting the fermenting of foods in your own home.

Flour Power: The Practice and Pursuit of Baking Sourdough Bread

Author Tara Jensen presents this information as though you are sitting in her kitchen for a cooking class among friends.

Full of clearly stated instructions and techniques, Flour Power is an essential resource will having you baking your own sourdough bread in no time.

Named One of the Top Ten Cookbooks of the Year by the Washington Post. Jensen provides you with guidance, problem solving, and super simple recipes to get you started on your journey to making amazing bread.

The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea

If you have been thinking about brewing your own kombucha at home, this is the book for you!

From the authority on all things kombucha, Kombucha Kamp, this guide takes you through the history and science behind this fizzy drink.

Plus in depth instructions on the process of kombucha and help for any issues you may encounter on your journey to home brewing kombucha drinks.

What is a SCOBY? How do you flavor your kombucha? All of this information plus so much more, makes The Big Book of Kombucha a valuable resource for your home library.

Fermenting: A Beginner’s Guide to Fermentation – Recipes, Food Preservation Techniques, and the Benefits of Cultivating Probiotic-Rich Foods and Drinks for Better Gut Health

This is such a great resource for providing an understanding of the benefits and methods behind fermentation.

Fermenting: A Beginner’s Guide breaks down the why and the how of making your own nutrient dense foods.

No need to feel overwhelmed by the science of it all. This is an easy to understand guide to fermenting your own foods for health and simple living.

Recipes, frequently asked questions that are answered in a concise manner, and everything you need to know to get set up for your first time fermenting is found here.

Mastering Fermentation: Recipes for Making and Cooking With Fermented Foods [A Cookbook]

Author Mary Karlin presents an delectable array of recipes and ways to incorporate fermented foods into your meals in Mastering Fermentation.

A beautiful guide to fermentation in home kitchens, Mastering

Fermentation provides clear instructions, easy to follow recipes that also range from beginner to more advance, and a better understanding of the craft of live-culture foods.

Fermentation: How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Brine Pickles, Kefir, Kombucha, Vegan Dairy, and More

This book on fermentation stands apart from the rest because it also offers instruction on vegan dairy fermentation. Had to include an option for all of my vegan friends!

Winner of the Best Fermentation Cookbook at the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards 2020, author Asa Simonsson provides a resources for both beginner and seasoned home fermenters alike.

Fermentation Made Easy! Mouthwatering Sauerkraut: Master an Ancient Art of Preservation, Grow Your Own Probiotics, and Supercharge Your Gut Health

With a focus on sauerkraut, this great book by Holly Howe gives an in depth look at the king of lacto-fermented vegetables.

Chock full of useful information and detailed instructions, Fermentation Made Easy! provides a fun way to approach that first ferment in your own kitchen.

This book is the ultimate guide to creating a safe, and delicious food full of beneficial bacteria and nutrients.

Known as the “Julia Child of Sauerkraut”, Howe provides striking photography and the must have materials to successfully start your fermentation journey.

DIY Fermentation: Over 100 Step-by-Step Home Fermentation Recipes

With over 100 recipes, DIY Fermentation, is sure to be the book you need to get started with fermented foods.

Full of detailed instructions and clear explanations of the methods behind fermentation, this book also gives you the ability to increase your skills as you move beyond beginner.

Helpful hints from fermentation experts plus information on what to look for and correct, gives you the ability to skip the overwhelm and doubt that plagues many beginner fermenters.

Plus, a bonus chapter shares interesting ways to add fermented foods into your daily diet and encourage an appreciation for these foods in your home.

Essential Vegetable Fermentation: 70 Inventive Recipes to Make Your Own Pickles, Kraut, Kimchi, and More

Another great resource to add to your fermentation library is Essential Vegetable Fermentation.

Author Kelly McVicker provides a clear and concise, yet fun introduction to the vast amount of knowledge there is about fermentation.

A perfect first guide, this book walks you through the fundamentals of setting up, making, and consuming fermented foods. Come across something you’re not sure about when starting out?

The section on troubleshooting will take you through possible issues and solutions you may encounter when starting out in fermenting.

Home Fermentation: A Starter Guide

Author Katherine Green offers a true starter guide on adding beneficial fermented foods to your diet and also how to create them in your home kitchen.

In Home Fermentation: A Starter Guide you will learn the essential facts and ingredients necessary to create your own popular ferments.

From kefir and kombucha to sourdough and kimchi, this book is a great way to get started in the world of fermentation.

Basic Fermentation: A Do It Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation

First to be published, in a list of essential books written by Sandor Katz, is Basic Fermentation.

The expert in ferments himself has compiled a fantastic resource for the beginner looking to add nutrient rich foods to their diet. Or the home chef who wants to add some hand crafted culinary delights to their talent.

One of my top 5 recommended books on fermenting, this book is a must have for embarking on the new adventure of fermenting.

Fermenting Food Step by Step: Over 80 Step-by-Step Recipes for Successfully Fermenting Kombucha, Kimchi, Yogurt, Vinegar, and Kefir

Going from beginner to mastery is easy with Fermenting Foods Step by Step.

Condiments, breads, drinks, foods, and more comprise 80 + recipes that you will find to expand your knowledge in fermented foods.

This book also gives the reader an interesting look at the mechanics behind ferments and how they can be beneficial to your diet.

Author Adam Elabd shows you what tools are necessary and all that you will need to get started.

The Beginner’s Guide To Pickling & Fermenting: Learn The Secrets Of Pickling And Fermenting With Over 1000 Days Worth Of Easy, Nutrient Dense Recipes And Many Tips & Tricks That Will Make You A Pro

If you are looking to start a healthier lifestyle or just want to make more of your favorite ferments at home, then Fermenting is for you!

This book provides an interesting look at fermentation as a method of food preservation. Pickling foods is explored in this resource as a way to preserve vegetables for months or years even.

Author Dorothy J. Morgan provides a great reference guide on the benefits and best ways to plan your fermenting process. A great way to eat real foods without breaking the budget!

This list of the 15 Essential Fermentation Books for Beginners provides an amazing library of reference for any beginner fermenter.

So many helpful tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step instruction. The science behind fermentation as well as many, many delicious recipes to get you started.

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