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Scrapbook paper, glue, scissors, and card stock paper cut and in the process of making Valentines cards.

In this post we will take a look at some easy and creative ideas to make Valentine’s Day more special! Join me as we make some fun crafts and create family memories.

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Creative Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

For this fun and festive day, I like to pull inspiration from our favorite stories. Little House in the Big Woods was the inspiration for paper dolls. Anne of Green Gables was the inspiration for a tea party. A book on paper crafts was the inspiration for the origami hearts.

Knowing your family’s likes and dislikes can help you come up with different crafts, activities or treats to make Valentine’s Day more special.

Origami hearts laying on a Origami and Papercrafts book on a wooden table. Made especially to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Creative Crafts

Crafts are an important part of a household with kids. Especially, if you are a homeschooler. Am I right? But if you are like me, sometimes the creativity hits a wall. I can easily get lost on Pinterest in a sea of pins, and still not have a clue what kind of project to set up for my littles.

That being said, hopefully you can find a few ideas here to incorporate into your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Origami Hearts

When I was a child, someone gifted me an Origami and Papercrafts book and I thought it was just the neatest thing. I would spend hours trying to figure out how to fold a crane.

Thankfully, it is one of the books I have saved over the years to share with my children. There are a ton of books on Origami and Papercrafts out there, but this one is the closest I have found to mine. We had so much fun folding these origami hearts!

Valentines making supplies such as scissors, glue, paper doilies, and card stock scattered on a wooden table.

Make Your Own Valentines

Setting up to make these valentines took me back to grade school days with homemade cards and elaborately decorated shoeboxes. Get as creative as you like! Glitter, paper doilies, scrapbook paper. The sky is the limit! We went for simple and just used cardstock, scrapbook paper, and paper doilies.

Want to continue the fun? Have a Valentines Day card box making competition! Or even better? Actually mail them to each other. Kids especially love getting mail, but let’s be honest, so do grownups!

Anne of Green Gables paper doll book with paper dolls and scissors laying on a wooden table. A fun activity for Valentine's Day with the family.

Old Fashioned Paper Dolls

My grandma said that when she was a little girl, she loved playing with paper dolls. Such a simple idea to provide for hours of imaginative play! We just finished the book Anne of Green Gables, so my daughters were thrilled to receive these paper dolls. Now I realize this may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but just in case it is, here is a fun book of paper dolls for boys too.

An easy and creative Valentine's Day tea party with two teapots, napkind, plates, cups, a jar of honey, and two large tiered trays of small snacks on a wooden table.

A Proper Tea Party

I’m a girl mom, so there were gasps of delight the moment I even mentioned having a tea party. But in case it’s not your cup of tea, you can modify it to fit your family’s interests. There are just so many different options for food and drink here, that any type of party will be a memory worth keeping.

My inspiration for the tea party came from Anne of Green Gables also. The book we read was the annotated version of Anne from The Farmhouse Book Co. They have the most delightful collection of books. I cannot recommend their books enough (and no, I’m not being compensated to say this), especially if you want to share these classic stories with your family while learning time honored skills.

An excerpt: "A High Tea is one of the most complimentary entertainments to which a hostess may invite her friends in the afternoon. The number of guests is limited, but the possibilities for decoration, daintiness and elegance are unlimited." 
-from Read and Learn Anne of Green Gables 2 The Sunday School Picnic, chapter 10, Farmhouse Book Co.

“Family Favorite” Dinner

How about a “Family Favorite” dinner? Each member of the family gets to decide on a part of the meal. It may end up being kind of a crazy one where nothing seems to go together. But that’s part of the fun of it!

Just to give you an example, the last time my family did this, my husband picked Pirogi as the main course. My eldest daughter chose green beans as a side. My middle child wanted baked beans. I decided on iced herbal tea as our drink. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like!

Family Night Movie Marathon

Maybe a family movie marathon complete with popcorn and snacks? Some of our favorites you might want to check out are: Herbie the Love Bug, Swiss Family Robinson, Sound of MusicHeidi, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Little Women.

Hope these creative ideas will help you plan your day full of fun activities and craft projects the whole family will enjoy. Let me know which one of these easy creative ideas for your Valentine’s Day family celebration is your favorite and why in the comments below!

Creative ideas for your Valentine's Day written at the top of the picture. Appetizers on a tiered tray on a wooden table.

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