Gift Guide Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

In this Gift Guide Inspired by Anne of Green Gables, you will find the perfect gift for the Anne of Green Gables fans in your life! So pour yourself a glass of raspberry cordial, and let’s get shopping!

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Anne of Green Gables Gift Guide

Understanding Anne of Green Gables

The wonder and splendor of Anne and her fantastical world has been gripping readers for years. Young readers who can get lost in her scope of imagination as well as more seasoned readers who get a laugh out of the many different personalities found in Avonlea.

The story she paints as though an artist applying brush to canvas is captivating and quaint all at the same time. Anne begins as an underdog who is equal parts complicated and simple. Though she is a girl who trouble often finds, the reader finds themselves sympathizing with her and even rooting for her.

Through her personal trials, and navigating a new community and home, Anne finds her way in a society that may have in the past felt out of reach for a self professed plain little girl with red hair.

As she confidently asserts her opinions and dreams with equal passion, she finds a drive to succeed that springs forth as though from a deep well inside her very soul.

Finding herself a kindred spirit in Diana Berry, Anne has many adventures, and heartaches along sider her very bosom friend. Finding their ways through adolescence and into young adulthood while creating a sense of wonder and creativity in everything they do became a sort of motto for this dynamic duo.

This incredible story of friendship, love, heartache, grief, and growing is a timeless tale that spans decades and generations. It permeates culture through often quoted lines from the story, or friends referring to each other as kindred spirits.

A Must Read

I encourage you to revisit this timeless classic if you have read Anne of Green Gables before. And if you haven’t, you may want to find the whole series. Because like that certain brand of chips in a can, you wont stop after just one.

I always love a good story that I can become invested in. One that I can actually picture as I am reading each detail. As though a movie of my own making were playing before my eyes.

Anne of Green Gables certainly has a very large scope for imagination. Anne as our red haired heroine takes us on a true rags to riches journey that may not end in wealth per se. But as a reader I definitely feel richer having read this beautiful volume of literary genius.

Gift Guide Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

So I ask, have you read Anne of Green Gables or any of the subsequent books? Are you an Anne fan? Do you have children that you have read Anne to? Or do you just have a kindred spirit in your life with a scope for imagination who needs a gift? I hope this gift guide has been helpful! Leave me a comment and let me know which Green Gables gift is your favorite!

It has been my experience that you can

nearly always enjoy things if you

make your mind up firmly that you will.

L.M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables

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  1. One of my absolute favorite books! These gifts are all so sweet. I need to read the write ups for a few of these books, I’ll be making a purchase for sure! Thank you for the gift inspiration!

    1. Mine too! Oh I am so glad you enjoyed it! You are so welcome. I am glad I could help with some gift ideas!