Why “The Cultivation of Cozy”?

Welcome! I started this space as a way to share my love of all things cozy.

My story is long and winding, but I have found over the years that creating a cozy home provides a sense of warmth that even a wood stove cannot.

A little about myself: I am married to the love of my life, we have three wonderful children, and the mountains of Virginia are where we call home.

Our dream is to one day have land and a homestead, but right now we are content to bloom where we are planted.

What has shaped who I am is my faith and healing from my past. I grew up in a chaotic home and that has made me passionate about creating a cozy and joyful home for my family.

How We Make Life Cozy

We spend Spring and Summer planning gardens and planting them, hiking, and watching the fireflies.

We spend Fall and Winter putting up our harvest and reading stories aloud, or working on projects.

The Cultivation of Cozy is all about simple living, comfort foods, and a cozy home.

My goal is to keep a home the way my Great-Grandmother would have and to share that knowledge with you.

My mission is to support other women, like me, who may have had a difficult life and are now trying to learn all of the things necessary for keeping a home and nurturing a family.

Inspiration & Ideas You Can Expect Here

Beginning a garden and then preserving the harvest.

Taking cloth and thread and sewing it into a unique handmade piece that may be treasured for years to come.

Watching those you love smile as they sit down to a home cooked meal that has filled the house with its welcoming aroma.

Taking things we might normally buy in the store, and finding ways to make them ourselves.

Treasuring the world around us, gleaning knowledge from yesteryear, and welcoming nature into our home through crafts and décor.

All things that cultivate a sense of coziness in our homes.

A feeling of being welcomed into a warm hug when you arrive on our doorstep. A knowing smile from a friend who supports you and is cheering you on!

Welcome to our community! I hope you find ideas here that you can make your own.