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Soft blankets with a cup of coffee, lit candles, and a vase with eucalyptus in it to create a cozy home.

Join me as I show you simple ways to create a cozy home this winter. Learn how to use what you have to make your home feel cozy and inviting.

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Why Do I Want a Cozy Home?

As I sit writing this, it is 22°F and there’s a snowstorm on the way. For the most part, we don’t see too many gloomy overcast days in the mountains. Even when it rains or snows, it’s still sunny here. 

But when we lived up north, it was in an area noted for the fewest days of sunshine. Trust me when I say, I completely understand the winter blahs.

But this is a season of hibernation. One of rest after harvest. An opportunity to embrace a slower pace and spend time learning skills or creating, enjoying time with family and friends, finding joy in comfort foods and drinks, and building a home that feels inviting and restful.

Fluffy chocolate cookies on a table with a glass bottle of milk.

What is your definition of a cozy home?

Everyone has different things that define cozy for them. Take food for example! In our house, comfort foods are things like pierogi, spaetzle, cabbage and bacon, potato pancakes with applesauce, warm cornstarch pudding, cinnamon rolls, and fresh baked bread.

Picture your comfy scene – what do you see? I don’t believe that you can necessarily buy that feeling of comfort. Can you get things that help set a homey mood or certain décor? Absolutely, but that is only a small part of it.

Coziness is something that must be curated and cultivated. It is a mood, a daydream, a creation of joy and belonging in your space. It is contentment.

Golden brown cinnamon rolls on a white plate sitting on a wooden table making a cozy home this winter.

How to create this feeling of coziness in the midst of winter?

You can find a sense of contentment in purposeful slow living, such as a phone call or hand written letter instead of a text or email. Hosting friends or family instead of a group chat or zoom call. Learning a craft or a skill instead of hopping on amazon to purchase that “homemade” item (scarf, painting, sketch, home décor wreath, etc.)

Create an experience. Are you baking bread? Try grinding your own flour.

Lighting candles or a fire? Use matches instead of lighters.

Making tea or hot cocoa? Use a stove top kettle or even a kettle on your woodburning stove instead of a microwave.

I understand that not everyone has the ability to grind their own grain or have a woodburning stove, the idea is to get creative in the ways we do things and not just follow the road of convenience. When there is a process or a creative way of doing things, it creates that feeling of a comfy home.

A woman eating from a bowl at a table where three lit candles are sitting on a wicker tray.

Simple ways to cultivate your cozy?

So what are some simple ways to create a cozy home this winter? Surround yourself with things you love, easy entertainment things (puzzles, Jenga, sketch pad and pencils, interesting books)

Foster family bonding by reading a book series aloud together (we are currently reading the Anne of Green Gables series) swap TV time for family game night or cook together as a family. Maybe something like Stone Soup where everyone chooses an ingredient for the evening meal! Even better, you could read that story together too!

Find your community. Can you “pay it forward” by volunteering time or effort that meets a need? (Quilts for ministries, support of a missionary, need in your community, plan/start a community garden and orchard, etc.)

Biscuit dough in fluffy little round pillow shapes on a floured surface next to a rolling pin.

Appeal to your five senses!

How can you appeal to your five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste?

Taste = Baking, comfort foods and drinks. Soups, hot cocoa, teas, muffins, breads are just a few ideas.

Smell = A simmer pot on the stove. Beeswax candles. Essential oils. Dried Herbs

Touch = Blankets, cozy socks, sweaters, inviting textiles (sheepskin, wool, fur)

Sight = Candles, fire, twinkle lights, soft warm lighting, No fireplace or wood stove? An electric or gas fireplace can be cozy or if that isn’t feasible even a table top fire pit can set that mood.

Sound = crackling fire, thunderstorm, soft instrumental or classical or hymns

A white woven basket of rolls of yarn and a started knitting project with knitting needles sitting on top of a cozy blanket.

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Woman wearing a chunky knit sweater lighting a candle sitting on a table with a vase of red flowers in the background in a cozy home.

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  1. Loved these tips! Especially doing things that appeal to the 5 senses. I often don’t think of sound or smell, but you’ve given me some ideas to try incorporating them more. Thanks!

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