Printable Laundry Room Signs DIY

Put a charming twist on washing clothes with our collection of free printable laundry room signs DIY! Download and print now – browse through 6 different designs for inspiration!

Dirty Hamper Co You Fill We Wash sign with We Wash You Fold sign underneath. Against a blue and white striped fabric backdrop with clothes pins scattered around.

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Dress Up Your Laundry Room

The best way to make a chore more fun is to dress it up! Creating a fun and cozy space, even where work is being done, brightens the mood of any task.

One place that can always use a little help is the laundry room. Unlike your living room or kitchen, the laundry room has one purpose, to clean clothing. So laundry room decor may not even be on your radar! I know it wasn’t on mine.

Your laundry room will likely never double as a birthday party hall or Christmas cookie factory. No, it will only ever see the constant rotation of dirty clothes in and clean clothes out.

Poor laundry room! It longs to be a cozy space in your home too. I know mine did! Eek, it was so messy and disheveled all of the time.

One of 6 adorable signs!
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I could not figure out why I felt like my mood changed when I went in my laundry room. Until one day I was walking around the house daydreaming about renovations, and I spied my poor neglected laundry space.

Well I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s just a little out of the budget to completely redo a room top to bottom. But if you can find simple things (ie. frugal things) that will spruce up your space, it can make all the difference!

This laundry room wall art is a great way to liven up this space. All you need is your home printer and a 8.5 x 11 inch frame. In a short amount of time, you will have a simple yet fun laundry area!

Below you will find a place to enter your email address. Doing so will give you an easy way to access 6 cozy signs for you to print at home and frame to hang in your laundry space. It will also allow you to access our whole library of printables and newsletter!

Self Service Laundry sign with sketch of wooden clothespins on a twine clothesline. Lying on a wash board surrounded by wooden clothes pins.

How to Print Your Laundry Room Signs

I must confess, printable art is one of my very favorite things! It makes changing up your decor quick, easy, and economical!

To print your laundry sign, simply enter your email address in the box above. You will then receive an email with a link to our subscriber library and the password you will need for access.

Once you access the subscriber library, you may print anything you see listed there! I will walk you through this process using the laundry room signs.

First, click on the picture or title below the picture to access the sign you choose.

Laundry Room sign with sketched wicker basket and blue blanket draped over it. Against a blue and white fabric background, with clothes pins scattered around and wool dryer balls.

Displaying Your Laundry Signs

There are a few different ways that you can display your cute signs, depending on the look you are going for and available locations for this décor.

There are different types of frames that would work well. I love a slightly rustic looking or wood frame for these laundry room signs.

Below I have added my top framing suggestions for this printable décor.

How Will You Use Your Laundry Sign?

If you are like me, and you love an easy project that doesn’t take a lot of time. These laundry room prints are just the thing you need for a quick laundry room makeover.

Perfect for even a small space, this printable file of diy laundry room signs will cheer up your laundry day.

If you have even a small shelf in your laundry room layout, it could be the perfect place for a custom sign like one of these! If you pick a frame that also has the ability to stand, it would look great on a shelf!

Do you have a cupboard or open shelving where you store your laundry basket? A great addition to this space could be one of these cute printables.

When placed in a frame, it could easily be hung on a wall, door, or even a support beam. My favorite print for this spot is the “We Wash, You Fold Sign.”

Lost Sock Department sign against blue and white striped fabric with wool dryer balls and wooden clothespins scattered around.

Simple Laundry Decor Ideas

I love thrift shops and vintage stores for simple, inexpensive décor ideas. You never know what you may find!

And if you are like me and love a quaint vintage touch to your style, then these are the places to search for a bargain. Yard sales, church sales, and flea markets are other great options for decorating items.

Some frugal ideas to dress up your laundry space are curtains. Not just for windows, curtains or scrap fabric can be used to cover the unsightly legs of a utility sink!

Cold floors got you down? Maybe your laundering area needs a throw rug! You can find some beautiful vintage rugs at thrift shops, yard sales, or even Facebook Marketplace.

Shelves are great for detergent and other laundry supplies. But do you know what else they are great for? Style! A small faux plant or fun sign (wink! wink!) can make that space fun instead of only functional.

Search for small knick-knacks like ceramic animals or mottos. Even a few remote controlled candles would be such a cozy addition to an otherwise utilitarian part of your home.

Tired of plastic bins for your storage solutions? Give your organization a little more style with cute decorative baskets. Whether your style is vintage or boho or farmhouse, you can find new and vintage storage solutions that are anything but boring!

Need a little something green? A faux garland could be just the thing to dress up that shelf or cabinet. I love this beautiful faux eucalyptus garland for tops of cabinets and even bookcases in other parts of our home.

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