Simple Laundry Schedule That Works

Who isn’t looking for a Simple Laundry Schedule That Works? If you are a busy mama, like me, then it seems like the To-Do list is always long and time is always short.

So come with me as we take a common task like laundry day, and break it down into a simple week long system that works!

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Do You Need a Laundry Schedule?

If you find yourself always searching for your favorite shirt. Or going to bed Sunday night only to realize your kids have nothing to wear to school the next day. Then a laundry schedule would be beneficial for you.

Whether you have a large family or it’s just the two of you, life gets wild and the dirty clothes pile up. This happens to everyone at some point, no matter the number of people in your home.

No matter the number of loads you have, if you create a laundry routine on a daily basis, then this task will be one less thing to think about.

Having systems in place to manage our homes is an easy way to streamline your tasks. Breaking each chore down into a repeatable system will save you time and sanity. Ultimately making less work for you in the long run.

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If you are like me, when I was starting out as a homemaker I never did a task the same way twice. Each time I cleaned a room, I did it differently. I spent more time re-inventing the wheel and hating every minute of it.

I plan to go through each of our household chores this way and break it down into a more manageable routine. But for now, let’s start with the laundry.

Clean clothing is a pretty important part of daily life. And even if you find yourself putting on the same uniform of sweatpants and a tee (I wont judge) I bet you still have at least one family member that needs a fresh outfit each day.

So let’s head to the kitchen table, and map out your laundry schedule so that you can hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Simple Laundry Schedule
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A Simple Laundry Schedule That Works

When you have a million things to do, or it feels like the pile of clothes is growing on its own, it is so tempting to throw up your hands and plop down on the couch.

But friend, we can do this! It just takes breaking thing down into bite sized pieces, and forming a set schedule.

First let’s think about what steps go into doing the laundry! For a great resource on this if you are starting out in homemaking or just need a refresher, take a look at How To Do Laundry For Beginners.

Typically we think of a task in terms of completing it from start to finish that day. Which would be easy peasy if laundry was the only thing you needed to accomplish that day. But it never is right?

If you are like me, you often find yourself thinking there just isn’t enough time to get everything done. Honestly, sometimes these tasks are done the most efficient way when completed in steps.

A clean house has many parts. We have meals to make, floors to sweep, rooms to clean, dishes to wash. And the list goes on.

A pile of dirty laundry on a turquoise blue chair.

A Task for Each Day

Let’s look at a possible weekly laundry schedule. What if we take the steps to tackling that pile of dirty laundry and spread them out over a few days?

Pick any days of the week that work best for you, but just as an example, what if we sort everything on Monday.

Then we wash and dry kitchen and bath towels and bedding on Tuesday.

Wednesday can be for Clothing.

Thursday can be your day to fold that pile of clean clothes and put it away.

You could even break Wednesday down further and do certain wash types on Wednesday and Thursday. For instance, dark clothing and bright clothing on Wednesday. Then white clothing and delicates on Thursday. Folding and putting away could move to Friday.

Also, if you have older children, make sure you have them help as well. These are tasks they will have to perform in their own home some day, so as soon as they are able to help in some capacity they should.

Make this your own schedule and adjust it as you see fit. That may mean rearranging the days or delegating tasks.

Even small children can help with simple tasks. My youngest loves to gather the laundry that ends up on floors and place it in the hamper. My middle child likes to load the washer.

When the whole family is a part of the weekly cleaning schedule, your young children learn valuable skills and the piles of laundry dwindle down to nothing quickly.

Sorting out the laundry or even folding small items is a great way to get the little ones in the habit of helping. If they are up to the ask, allow your children to be in charge of folding and putting away all of the kids clothes. Giving your children their own laundry basket may help also.

They will feel a sense of ownership over emptying, folding, and putting away the clothing from their own basket.

When they start helping at a young age, they are less likely to see housework as an awful chore.

Woman holding laundry basket with freshly dried clothing in it.

Why is a Laundry Schedule Helpful?

At first glance you may be thinking, “Wow Christen, how is spreading out a chore over 4 or 5 days going to make me like it more?”

I hear what you are saying, and trust me, I’m the type of person who just likes to get things over and done with.

But honestly, I was losing my sanity over that one and done mentality. Here’s why! If you have children in your home, especially little ones, you are never doing a task uninterrupted.

It’s just not happening. So your time and attention is already fractured.

Mother and child in pajamas smelling a freshly laundered towel, just out of the dryer. Wicker basket with a towel sitting on the floor.

Even if you do not have children in your home, nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan. Right? You can have your day planned out to the micro second and something will come up.

Your best friend drops by. A hospital trip is needed. Something in your home breaks and needs repair. Life is full of interruptions.

A system like this plans for that. You aren’t trying to eat the whole buffet at once and then feeling defeated when you get a tummy ache. Get what I’m saying? A little bit at a time will get the job done.

You never feel like you set yourself up for failure with a system where you are accomplishing micro goals. This is why this simple schedule works so well. Tiny wins get you to the finish line.

Easy Ways to Implement a Laundry Schedule

Don’t be afraid to ease into a new system. It takes time to make any new routine a habit. Give yourself grace, and try to implement one new step at a time.

Consider taking one aspect of the system and do it or tweak it to what fits you best, before layering on the next step.

Also, you do not have to follow the exact plan I listed out. Ultimately you know what will work best for your household. If you need to break it down into small tasks, or group things together. Do that.

You want your system to work for you, not the other way around. Again, it takes time and repetition before any new task becomes a habit or second nature.

Expect to get off track or forget a step at some point. Life gets busy, and it’s easy for things to fall by the way side. The most important thing is don’t give up. Do not throw your hands up and say, “well I messed up today, this is never going to work.”

Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to follow the routine long enough to see if it will work for you. Generally speaking, 2 weeks is long enough to know if this schedule will fit into your lifestyle or if something needs to be altered.

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